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Haluk Perk Museum

Haluk Perk Museum

Haluk Perk is an important collector who was registered in the archeology museums in Istanbul in 1995. In the following years, he managed to open his own private museum within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Due to some legal regulations, collecting is canceled after a while. For this reason, the works he accumulated in his own collection are transferred to the museum collection. Haluk Perk is a name that is close to the modern museum understanding that focuses on a certain area in general. The private museum that bears his name in Istanbul clearly reflects this understanding.

When the Haluk Perk Museum is examined, it is seen that general works are not included. In addition to some archaeological artifacts in the museum, ethnographic artifacts from the Ottoman period, various documents and special photographs form the thematic collection. The main purpose of the museum is to enable visitors to discover the Anatolian civilization with thematic groups specific to certain periods. For example; Anatolian medical history focuses on very interesting and special collections such as Anatolian seals or Anatolian weight instruments.

Haluk Perk Museum succeeds in promoting the cultural structure and texture of Anatolia to the whole world. He also makes great efforts to publicize the museum through his personal initiatives and private publications. The fact that the museum contains different collections gives the feeling of visiting more than one museum at the same time. Haluk Perk Museum, which is outside of a conventional museum understanding, avoids displaying its works in a dry way. It supports this especially with creative exhibitions and special publications, and more importantly with previously unconcentrated scientific research. While doing this, it focuses on subjects that have not been studied before in the sense of museology, especially in Anatolia. Haluk Perk Museum, located in Gümüşpala Neighborhood in Avcılar, is open only on weekdays. You can visit the museum between 11:00 and 15:30.

Haluk Perk MuseumHaluk Perk MuseumHaluk Perk Museum



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