Hafiz Ahmet Pasha Mosque

Hafiz Ahmet Pasha Mosque

Hafiz Ahmet Pasha Mosque

You can often come across historical Istanbul fountains or fountains on both the European and Asian sides. Especially the fountains, which reflect the architectural features and spirit of the period, become the center of attention with their decorations. The remnants of these fountains find their place in touristic visits. Hafız Ahmet Paşa Fountain, which attracts attention by local and foreign tourists throughout the year, is located on the Kazancı slope in the Fındıklı region. The building, which is exactly opposite the Kazancı Mosque, is built in a classical architectural style. The main façade is covered with marble structures. The facades on the side are made of cut stones. Mirror and carved cornices, which have special ornaments, are unfortunately destroyed over time. The water of the historical fountain, whose nozzle was also removed, does not flow as of today.

Niches are placed next to the arches to sit in order to rest. Hafiz Ahmed Pasha, the founder of the fountain, is the son of Numan Pasha. The epitaph of the fountain manages to reach today. This inscription consists of 13 couplets in total. The inscription, which was created in 1732, was written by Behçet Mehmet Efendi. His signature can be seen in many works of that period. The building, which has a large water reservoir at the back, is among the most precious fountains of the city, even if it is not actively used today.

Columns on the sides of the fountain delimit the façade. There is an elegant rosette consisting of various motifs on the belt part. Although the boat section of the fountain, which takes its source from Taksim Water, is broken for a while, it is repaired. The great fire that took place in the Fatih district of Istanbul in 1918 caused serious damage to this place. Finally, in 1990, it was extensively restored along with the madrasah and mosque. The repair epitaph on it, written in Turkish, was placed exactly during this period.

Hafiz Ahmet Pasha MosqueHafiz Ahmet Pasha MosqueHafiz Ahmet Pasha MosqueHafiz Ahmet Pasha Mosque


  • melisacubuk
    17.11.2022 06:53

    Bu 400 yıllık külliye Hafız Ahmed Paşa tarafından yaptırılmıştır. Sebilin yanında bulunan türbede kendisi medfundur. Allah (c.c.) rahmet eylesin.


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