Hacı İsmailağa Fountain

Hacı İsmailağa Fountain

Hacı İsmailağa Fountain

Fountains are among the most important witnesses of history. Fountains, which stand in a very special place with their unique architectural details and the spirit they bring to the city, are an integral part of the Ottoman tradition. In this sense, Istanbul is the city with the most fountains in the world. Fountains, which are evaluated within the scope of water architecture, generally move away from their basic functions today. Fountains surviving from the Ottoman period are largely examined in terms of architectural aesthetics and historical value. Historical fountains, which are distinguished from each other by their ornamental details and façade features, were built by the sultans of the period or benevolent people. One of the historical fountains of Istanbul worth seeing is the Hacı Hacı İsmailağa Fountain.

Hacı İsmailağa Fountain is located on the road in the middle of Gelenbeyi Secondary School and Fatih Mosque. Hacı İsmailağa, who made very important efforts in the construction of the fountain, is the head of the Janissary Corps. It is reported that he is also from Malatya. The epitaph of the historical fountain made of cut stones is located just above its mirror. Fatih Complex is located very close to important places such as Black Sea Madrasas, Şifalı Çeşme and Haraçcı Muhiddin Mosque. This makes the fountain much easier to explore.

Hacı İsmailağa Fountain, which is within the borders of Üsküdar, is a product of classical style. In 1706, Kethüda Gülnuş Hatun had this place repaired. Unfortunately, after the Republic, it is neglected and left to its fate. In 1976, it was extensively repaired on the condition of remaining true to its original texture. During this repair, the broken boat section and the levees are repaired. On the other hand, the carved mirror stone is also overhauled during this repair process. Today, the epitaph can be seen between the rosettes on the pointed arches. The intricate form of the text in the inscription makes it difficult to read. According to the information in the inscription, the construction date of the Hacı İsmail Ağa Fountain is 1115.

Hacı İsmailağa FountainHacı İsmailağa FountainHacı İsmailağa Fountain


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