Hacı Beşirağa Mosque

Hacı Beşirağa Mosque

Hacı Beşirağa Mosque

The Hacı Beşir Ağa Mosque, which is one of the best-known mosques in Istanbul, is located in Fatih district. The historical place of worship, located exactly on the Alemdar District, is also extremely close to Alay Köşkü Street and Babıali. The mosque is an important part of a complex of the same name. Beşir Ağa had the mosque built in 1744. He is a well-known darüssaade landlord of the 18th century. He is brought to Istanbul as a slave at a young age. In those years, Yapraksız became the apprentice of Ali Aga and was taken to the Harem-i Hümayun. Sultan III. During the years when Ahmed was a prince, he served for a long time and made himself loved. He first rises to the treasurer and then to the darüssaade. He successfully fulfills this task for thirty years in total. His tomb is now in Eyüp Sultan.

The mosque, named after Hacı Beşir Ağa, was completed during the reign of Mahmut I. The architect of the mosque, which was built in baroque architectural style in those years, is Ser Architect Çelebi Mustafa Ağa. It is reported that he also contributed to many parts of the complex. There is an inscription about the renovation on the sentence door. According to what is written here, the mosque, II. It undergoes an important renovation during the Mahmut period. The last renovation related to the historical mosque took place in 2009.

Hacı Beşir Ağa Mosque is designed in the form of rows of stones and bricks. It is possible to encounter the narthex in the last part of the courtyard, which is bounded by a wall. This section is designed as a double portico. It is seen that the porticos are covered with mirrored vaults. The minaret part is independent of the main structure and is relatively short. The honor and body part are octagonal. The interior part of the historical mosque has a square plan. In the interior, you can find impressive examples of hand-drawn embroidery.

Hacı Beşirağa MosqueHacı Beşirağa MosqueHacı Beşirağa MosqueHacı Beşirağa Mosque


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