Haci Ahmet Bey Mansion

Haci Ahmet Bey Mansion

Haci Ahmet Bey Mansion

Hacı Ahmet Bey Mansion, one of the historical places in Istanbul, was built during the Second World War. It was built during the reign of Abdülhamid. This historical mansion is still among the most attractive houses of the Kanlıca region. The Ramazanoğlu family lived in the mansion for a very long time. The great leader Atatürk attended a circumcision wedding organized here. The present owner of the mansion is Sezgin – Saniye Elmas couple. The couple makes some arrangements without harming the historical texture of the mansion. When you visit the mansion, it is possible to encounter a painting of Balkan Naci İslimyeli. A bust of Aslı Tunca was also taken at the entrance.

Hacı Ahmet Bey Mansion is located on the Kanlıca coast. It is currently considered as a 1st degree historical monument. It is observed that the ground floor of the mansion is masonry. The mansion has three floors in total. Wooden construction draws attention on the second and third floors. Hacı Ahmet Bey Mansion was put up for sale in 1996 due to execution. Sezgin Elmas, the owner of a food company, buys the mansion in this process. The mansion, whose land is around 790 square meters, also has a 60 square meter car park. There is also a swimming pool inside the mansion besides the dock. The quay is located in the western part of the mansion. It is seen that guardrails were placed around the quay. There are three separate windows on the floors. Skylight windows catch the eye on the top floor. Also here, arch motif elements are highlighted on the window foreheads.

The facade materials of the mansion are in the form of stone, wood and brick. Known to have been built in 1905, the mansion was repaired twice in 1937 and 1997. Hacı Ahmet Bey Mansion has a Marseille type cover material. Successful architect Mustafa Toner plays a role in the decoration process. In addition, some pieces from the collection of Felekşan Onar, a glass artist, add an important atmosphere to the space.

Haci Ahmet Bey MansionHaci Ahmet Bey MansionHaci Ahmet Bey MansionHaci Ahmet Bey Mansion


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