Güzelce Aqueduct

Güzelce Aqueduct

Güzelce Aqueduct

The Güzelce Aqueduct is also called the Gözlüce Aqueduct in some sources. It is located in the district of Sultangazi, quarter of Cebeci and has a historical nature. The height of the duct is about 30 meters. It is almost 155 meters long. There are eight chambers under the duct and there is a chamber on top of it. The walls of the duct have a maximum thickness of 5.5 meters. Cut stones were used in this historical structure.

This piece of work, designed by Sinan the Architect, is located within the basin of the Alibeyköy Dam. In summer, there is low water in the dam. When there is low water, it is possible to have a closer look here. It is among the rare structures which maintained the architectural characteristics of the 16th century. There is no settlement around it. On the other hand, as it is immersed in the water by half, it is exposed to minimum damage today.

This structure which is also called the Karga Duct by the public is fed by the oldest sources here. The entire area of the duct is considered an ancient settlement area. There were also other tombs, domes, fountains and water ways here but they have been demolished throughout the time for various reasons. It is said that an ancient caravan road existed right below the duct. The Güzelce Aqueduct, among the spots worth seeing and discovering in the district of Sultangazi, especially draws attention of foreign visitors.

It has been renovated at different times in time. It was built between 1554 and 1564. You can reach the duct from the road between Gazi Quarter and Küçükköy. Right after you pass by the public bread factory of the municipality, you can look towards the area of the quarries.

Güzelce Aqueduct Güzelce Aqueduct Güzelce Aqueduct


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