Gedikpaşa Hamam

Gedikpaşa Hamam

Gedikpaşa Hamam

The Gedikpaşa Hamam is located on the Street with the same name in İstanbul. The inscription of this historical hamam is not available. According to the information provided by Ekrem Ayverdi, Gedik Ahmet Paşa built this place to provide financial support for the complex with the same name. This place is a foundation asset according to the information in the Foundations of İstanbul Cadastral Book. Despite that, it is not exactly known which foundation it was.

The inscription of the historical hamam was given to Münşeat upon the instructions of Tacizade Sadi Çelebi. As can be understood from the inscription, the construction date of the hamam is 1475. The Gedikpaşa Hamam which reflects the architectural characteristics of the period was seriously damaged in fires at different dates. Especially the fires of 1660, 1725 and 1865 made this place almost unusable. However, necessary repairs were rendered after these fires and the hamam continued functioning. The fire in 1865 damaged this place as well as the Sabuncu Han. This hamam, which is still actively used, is in the class of double hamams. The men’s section is larger than the other section of the hamam.

The Gedikpaşa Hamam which is among the biggest central hamams in the city is referred to in many sources. Despite that, its address is given wrong in the “Hamams of İstanbul” list prepared by Neşet Köseoğlu. The entrance to both sections of the Gedikpaşa Hamam is on the same side. Despite that, the entrance of the women’s section is about 15 meters behind the entrance of the men’s section. As the level of the street where the hamam is located has been elevated today, unfortunately the hamam is positioned on a lower level. Therefore, the front courtyard is accessed by stepping down the stairs. 

Gedikpaşa HamamGedikpaşa HamamGedikpaşa HamamGedikpaşa Hamam



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