Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque

Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque

Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque

Bosnian Gazi Hadım Paşa was the constructor of the historical Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque located in the Fatih district in İstanbul. The mosque is located on the Yeniçeriler Street and it was completed in 1496. It is also called the Dikilitaş Mosque or Sandıkçılar Mosque among the public. The mosque was built of cut stones in terms of the architectural details.

The Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque was seriously damaged in the earthquake of 1648. After this earthquake, the dome was completely demolished. At the same time, a part of the minaret was damaged too. It was also damaged due to similar reasons in 1716 and 1766. The kitchen section has not made it so far. The madrasah is right across the mosque. You will see a fountain on the side when you head towards the street from the courtyard. The narthex of the mosque is reached through three different courtyard doors. The mosque does not have a water tank and a place was later added for performing the washing ritual. There are the tombs of some important figures in the reserved section of this historical mosque. Derviş Mehmed, Lefkeli Mustafa, Kemankeş Ali are among these names. The mosque attracts attention with a dimension of 21 x 28 meter and the main dome of the mosque has a diameter of 13.30 meter. This section is also supported by some semi and small domes. There are 16 different walls in total on the hills of the dome.

It is possible to see classical lines of style on the mihrap with a muqarnes. The minbar suits the modest style of the mosque. The Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque is in the class of mosques with a single balcony. Due to past earthquakes, it mostly lost its original appearance. The Basmala on the minaret door was written by the calligrapher Sami Efendi. Muhittin Sebati, a famous painter, has a painting titled “The Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque”.

Gazi Atik Ali Paşa MosqueGazi Atik Ali Paşa MosqueGazi Atik Ali Paşa MosqueGazi Atik Ali Paşa Mosque


  • grknsoyluu
    28.12.2022 07:15

    Caminin orijinal kitabesi yoktur, fakat kapının üzerindeki Hattat Sami Efendi imzasını taşıyan “ayet-i kerime” yazılı 1896 tarihli kitabenin köşesine 1496 sayısı ilave edilmiştir

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 14:04

    Bu çevrenin en güzel camilerinden biri. Her dem serin ve müsait. Hem içi hem avlusu huzur bulmaya çok müsait.

  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 13:02

    Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Camii 1496 yılında II. Beyazıt dönemi sadrazamlarından olan Bosnalı Gazi Atik Ali Paşa tarafından bina yaptırılmıştır.


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