Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah

Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah

Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah

The Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah, one of the most important cultural spots in İstanbul, is located in the district of Fatih like many other madrasahs. The madrasah, located right in the quarter of Kırkçeşme, is also close to Unkapanı and the Atatürk Avenue. The fact that the Bozdoğan Aqueduct is nearby adds value to the madrasah. The original inscription of the Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah, built in 1596, has important information. The Madrasah was designed by the hands of the architect Davut Ağa. He was then famous for being a chief architect. The constructor of the madrasah was Gazanfer Ağa, one of the chiefs of Mehmet II. The historical madrasah is also located inside a small complex. There is a fountain and a shrine other than the madrasah in this complex. There is also a reserved area between the courtyard walls and the shrine.

The madrasah inside the Gazanfer Ağa Complex is located at a central position. It can be seen that these complexes with a madrasah in them were commonly built in the 16th century. The historical madrasah, to the west of the front courtyard, has a square plan. The building is especially made of sandstones. Stones and bricks are rather used on the west side walls. Twelve diamond headed columns carry the porticos. This section is also covered by sixteen domes in total.

The madrasah is in U form in general. The Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah with fourteen cells in total was later added another chamber. There are two windows in each of the rooms around the courtyard. Every room also has a furnace and a cabinet. The classroom, one of the most important parts of the madrasah, has a square layout and opens to the courtyard through spring arcs. The classroom is covered with a tromp dome.

Gazanfer Ağa MadrasahGazanfer Ağa MadrasahGazanfer Ağa MadrasahGazanfer Ağa Madrasah


  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:36

    İstanbul'un cazibe merkezlerinden biri. Huzur dolu.

  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 13:02

    Gazanfer Ağa Medresesi; Saraçhane parkının arkasında, su kemerine bitişik çok güzel bir medresedir. 1590 tarihinde Gazanfer Ağa tarafından inşa ettirilmiş ve hala maksadıyla kullanılan külliye gibi Medresedir.


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