Galatasaray Post Office

Galatasaray Post Office

Galatasaray Post Office

The name Galatasaray is associated with many structures that left a mark on the period after the Republic. One of them is undoubtedly the Galatasaray Post Office. The community that gathered around the Galatasaray High School exhibited a consistent attitude in laying claim to this kind of cultural and historical structures. The historical post office building was built by an Armenian, Theodor Sıvacıyan, who was an important tradesman. The building, built in 1875, was constructed as a family settlement. Hüseyin Hasip Efendi bought this place in 1907 and turned it into the Beyoğlu Post and Telegram Center. This place went through various restorations in time. Today, it operates as the Galatasaray University Culture and Arts Center. It also functions under the name the Beyoğlu Post and Telegram Center.

The building which was evacuated to be a museum in 1998 went through different restorations. Due to some irregularities in that process, it was left to its own fate. The restoration process became an endless story. Due to strong protests, activities began to bring it back to life. A group of people who were from the high school exerted their influence and followed the process. The club repair was concluded with the approval of the Board of Preservation of Cultural and Natural Assets. The club waited for a long time for a court verdict for these repairs. When it started to operate again as a post office, it was transferred to the Galatasaray Sports Club.

The Galatasaray Post office operates today as a “nostalgic post office”. The first floor of the building is used as a post office. Upper floors are comprised of the club’s museum and common service areas. The Galatasaray Post Office is a very valuable place for bearing the architectural style and spirit of the 1800s and looks like it has left that restoration nightmare behind.

Galatasaray Post Office Galatasaray Post Office Galatasaray Post Office Galatasaray Post Office


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