Fuat Paşa Mansion

Fuat Paşa Mansion

Fuat Paşa Mansion

The Fuat Paşa Mansion was built towards the end of the 1700s. Although it is not known who built it, it is clear that Keçecizade Fuat Paşa used this place as his home for long years. He was the Grand Vizier of Abdülaziz II at the time. He was among the progress scholars of the period. When Keçecizade Fuat Paşa lost his life, this place continued to be used as a house for a while. This smart house was comprehensively restored with the Republic. With this restoration, the fate of the building changed in a way. It was completely turned into a hotel after the 1930s.

The Fuat Paşa Mansion is also called directly Keçecizade Fuat Paşa Mansion in some sources. This historical mansion which gives a different look to the city now operates as “Hotel Fuat”. The combination of the traditional lines of the Ottoman with a modern hotel concept makes it a very special place. The Fuat Paşa Mansion is among the most popular mansions of the time with its gardens, pool and the big plantation. In those years, people came to see the gardens here on certain days of the week. The mansion was a host to important political meetings and decisions. Especially foreign guests are first welcomed here. The parties organized here are also very sensational. Sait Paşa, when he was a civil servant, wanted to attend a party here, but he was not accepted in because of his clothing.

The Fuat Paşa Mansion is located on top of the famous hills of the Bosporus. The area behind the mansion is covered with plans to the hills. The fact that gardens around the mansion are open to public is a great opportunity. People who visit these gardens also get the chance to see a very clear view of the Bosporus.

Fuat Paşa MansionFuat Paşa MansionFuat Paşa MansionFuat Paşa Mansion


  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 11:12

    Fuat Paşa düğün ve nişan gibi etkinlikler için gerçekten çok güzel bir mekan


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