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Fitaş Sineması

Fitaş Sineması

İstanbul has always managed to be among the symbolic cities in terms of cinemas. Many important movie theaters like Emek Sineması, Beyoğlu Sineması, İpek Sineması, contribute to the survival of the art of cinema which is also called the magic lantern. One of the nostalgic movie theaters in the city is undoubtedly Fitaş Sineması. Like other historical movie theaters, Fitaş Sineması is also located in Beyoğlu. This historical movie theater which remained closed for a while was reopened with the initiatives of Mars Group recently. Fitaş Sineması has many important films in its history. Many films that put their mark in Turkish and world cinema made their premiere here.

The place which offers service within the body of Cinemaximum today is also used for concerts from time to time. Its loyal audience protested when it was shut down. These reactions played an important role in putting the hall to service again. It is estimated that this place will continue to operate as a kind of cinema museum in the future. As you know, historical movie theaters face many challenges while trying to continue their journey independently and survive without support.

After the closure of Emek Sineması, the audience started to prefer these old movie theaters more. One of the theaters which host the İstanbul Independent Films Festival is the Fitaş Sineması. This kind of festivals plays a significant role in the survival of the theater. When you get inside, you will see the posters of some Yeşilçam films which were blockbusters at the time. The theater is now managed by the Akdemir family. The fact that this place is located on the İstiklal Street gives it a great advantage in terms of accessibility.

Fitaş Sineması Fitaş Sineması Fitaş Sineması


  • fatmahnterr
    29.06.2022 10:07

    Avm ye benzesede bir sürü oyunların olduğu bu yerde vaktin nasıl geçtiğini anlamıyadık.

  • gökmel
    19.10.2023 16:41

    Beyoğlu sineması

  • ardacetinkaya
    05.09.2022 12:12

    İçeriye girdiğinizde karşınıza bir sürü oyun alanı geliyor yemek yiyip oyun oynayabileceğiniz bir alan tıpkı awm gibi


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