Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque

Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque

Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque

The Molla Çelebi Mosque located in the district of Fındıklı is also only called the “Fındıklı Mosque” in some sources. Molla Mehmet Çelebi known as the constructor of the mosque was ordered for the construction of this valuable mosque in 1589. The mosque is located right by the sea. It has a bearing system designed in a hexagonal shape in the dome. The part which functions as the main dome sits on four different columns. There are five more domes around here. The domes are half domes. Each half dome extends to corners. Another dome is placed on the mihrab. The Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque is covered with walls. Pillars give a considerable strength to the dome and is embedded in the walls. This historical structure looks like a small complex. According to sources, the builder of the Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque is Sinan the Architect. It is an example of the hexagonal diagram mosques that were frequently designed by the great master in the past.

During the rule of Suleyman the Magnificent, Cuma mosques were built on the spots which were opened for construction around today’s Fındıklı. All of these mosques were undertaken by Sinan the Architect. The Fındıklı Mosque is precisely a product of this era. The Chamber of Hassa Architects contributed to the construction of this mosque and others. Molla Mehmed Efendi served as the judge in Bursa and İstanbul. This valuable name who was the Hubba Mollası gained prominence during the periods of Selim II and Murat III. 

The historical mosque right next to the Fındıklı pier was built dependent on a small group of structures. There is a double hamam and a junior school in the same area with the mosque. After the road constructions in the 1950s, unfortunately the parts of this small complex were mainly demolished. Especially the historical hamam is gone without any trace.

Fındıklı Molla Çelebi MosqueFındıklı Molla Çelebi MosqueFındıklı Molla Çelebi MosqueFındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque


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