Fethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion

Fethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion

Fethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion

Located on the Kuzguncuk coast on the Bosporus, the Fethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion is also known as the “Pink Mansion” among the public. According to the sources, the definite date of construction is not known. However, based on its architectural characteristics, it is estimated to have been built right in the beginning of the 18th century. It is known that Damat Fethi Ahmed Paşa bought this historical building from a person named İsmet Bey. Since then, the mansion has been named after him.

Persons who are descendants of Fethi Ahmed Paşa have continued to use this historical place for long years. Repairs mainly remained faithful to the original. Only the embellishment details and the layout of windows were changed. At one point, an additional building was constructed to the south of the structure. This place was used as the handmaidens’ chamber for a long time. They are attached to each other through corridors. Right after the Republic, this chamber and the kitchen were demolished in a big fire. The mansion was repaired again in 1928, 1948 and 1960. As the mansion was taken care of, it has managed to survive until today.

The two tier Fethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion is built of wooden materials. It has details which are compliant with the traditional Turkish civil architecture. It can especially be seen in the central part. This layout was called “karnıyarık” at those times. The Fethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion is located between Üsküdar and Kuzguncuk. Therefore, it is considerably close to the Paşalimanı. The big mansion section is also called selamlık is some sources. The five room servant apartment of this structure unfortunately has not made it so far. It is known that there was a bridge extending from behind the harem chamber to Arapzade in the past. Similarly, the bridge has been demolished too.

Fethi Ahmed Paşa MansionFethi Ahmed Paşa MansionFethi Ahmed Paşa MansionFethi Ahmed Paşa Mansion


  • muratty
    17.11.2022 10:18

    Ahmed Fethi Paşa Yalısı, Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar sahilinde geleneksel Osmanlı mimarisiyle inşa edilen ahşap Boğaziçi yalısıdır.


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