Ferhat Paşa Mosque

Ferhat Paşa Mosque

Ferhat Paşa Mosque

The Ferhat Paşa Mosque located in the Çatalca district of İstanbul was built in 1598. As in many mosques in the city, you can see the signature of Sinan the Architect also at the Ferhat Paşa Mosque. Ferhat Paşa was one of the most important Grand Viziers of the Ottoman. This place is considered a complex. There is a school and a fountain in it. Still, the Ferhat Paşa Mosque is considered to be located at the heart of this complex. When you visit Çatalca, you should definitely come and see this place. The construction of the mosque took a year. The Ferhat Paşa Mosque which is still solid and authentic also represents the characteristics of the period in its architectural details.

The mosque was built on the foothills of the Çatalca Hill. Ferhat Paşa was not alive while the mosque was being built. Therefore, it was dedicated to him after his death. Detailed information can be found about its construction on the mosque’s door. According to the information obtained, Ferhat Paşa was put to death in 1595. He was also the husband of Hüma Sultan. Another charity building he ordered to Sinan the Architect is located in Kastamonu. Evliya Çelebi visited this place on his journey from Edirne to İstanbul in 1653.

Meanwhile, in some sources, it is seen that two different Ferhat Paşa’s in the Ottoman are commonly mistaken with respect to this mosque. This situation causes some misinformation. Evliya Çelebi was no different. According to the descriptions made by Evliya Çelebi, it was surrounded with trees around those times. The Ferhat Paşa Mosque, entirely covered in lead on the top, always attracts a crowded community. 

Ferhat Paşa MosqueFerhat Paşa MosqueFerhat Paşa MosqueFerhat Paşa Mosque



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