Ferhat Paşa Shrine

Ferhat Paşa Shrine

Ferhat Paşa Shrine

The Ferhat Paşa Shrine is located opposite the police stations between the Camiikebir and Feshane Streets. Ferhat Paşa was among the important grand viziers of the Ottoman. The shrine was personally ordered by him, but this place was not completed while he was still alive. Right after his death, the shrine was completed with a hexadecagon layout. This historical structure is made of cut stones and has a flat roof portico. Moreover, there are four square shaped columns opening with arcs to the adjacent area. The door has significant craftsmanship and there are niches with stalactite fillings on the sides of the door. There are some column heads placed on the door jamb. There is the original inscription right above the colorful stones on the door. This inscription has sixteen lines in total. If you look closer, you can see the shrine was built in 1595.

There are colorful stones in certain areas along the façade. The historical shrine is covered with a lead dome. There are cardboard niches attached to windowless walls. The inside of the dome is adorned with hand drawn embellishments. These embellishments are mainly in brick color. There is a marble tomb without an inscription. Furthermore, you can see four other wooden cases. The fact that the shrine has sixteen sides makes this place really interesting. Considering its architectural details, you can see that it actually resembles the Sinan Paşa Shrine a lot. Therefore, it is estimated to have been built by the same architect. Only the dome does not have a pointed shape, unlike the Sinan Paşa Shrine. All other architectural characteristics are alike. There are embossed columns on all sides of the shrine. You can see it on all sides without any exception. The Ferhat Paşa Shrine is rather located in a pit due to the difference of the road level. The upper windows on the structure have a round shape and leaded glasses. The lower windows have net grills. 

Ferhat Paşa ShrineFerhat Paşa ShrineFerhat Paşa ShrineFerhat Paşa Shrine


  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:35

    Yanında ahşap ev, haziresinde çok sayıda mezartaşı var

  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 13:00

    Ferhad Paşa Türbesi Eyüp'tedir. Feshane Caddesi ve Camii Kebir Sokağının birleştiği yerdedir.


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