Eyüp Sultan Tomb

Eyüp Sultan Tomb

Eyüp Sultan Tomb

One of the most substantial locations of Istanbul in both religious and historical terms, Eyüp Sultan Tomb attracts domestic tourists throughout the year. Located at Eyüp District, the historical tomb is next to the Sultan Mosque. Abu Ayyup al-Ansari (Eyüp Ensari, in Turkish) was buried in the sarcophagus in the tomb. He is a well-known Islamic figure as a close companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Also, available an age-old plane-tree is located at the courtyard of the Eyüp Sultan Tomb. Another factor highlighting the structure of the social complex is the holy fountain situated outside of the tomb.

Among the most precious and esteemed heritages of the Ottoman State, the structure is considered as the central and focal point of the social complex. Sandstone was used while constructing the tomb. Moreover, the architectural form is octagonal and designed in dome-shaped. The façade of the walls located inside facing towards the mosque is decorated with enameled ornaments. Particularly the Kütahya and İznik art of pottery are prominent. A wooden sarcophagus is located right behind the sepulcher section. Available information suggests that this sarcophagus was coated with silver meshwork during the reign of Selim III. The successful restorations undertaken since the early periods contributed for the preservation of the unique and authentic texture of the tomb. Such restorations even ensures that the structure was further enriched in architectural terms. The social complex hosting the Eyüp Sultan Tomb is quite enormous.

The cloth covering the wooden sarcophagus is a work of art of Rakım Efendi. The laths located inner tomb were contracted to be written and posted by various sultan in various periods. Therefore, it is highly possible to encounter with signatures of numerous calligrapher. When you arrive to Eyüp Sultan Tomb, you may witness the flag and the footprints dating back to Mohammad period.

Available information suggests that the historical tomb was constructed in 1458.

Eyüp Sultan TombEyüp Sultan TombEyüp Sultan TombEyüp Sultan Tomb



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