Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The historical Eyüp Sultan Mosque, located in Eyüpsultan district in Istanbul, is situated on the shores of the Golden Horn. Having such an advantageous location provides the opportunity to the structure to be visited by both the domestic and the foreign tourists throughout the year. The fountain with the water tank of the historical mosque, in particular, attracts attention in the first place. The altar or the shrine part of this fountain, evoking admiration, has a protrusive structure. This place has also planned in a rectangular form. Eyüp Sultan Tomb stands out right in the middle of the structure. The mosque has an age-long plane tree in the center of its courtyard.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque has undergone numerous restoration and repair works since the 15th century. The minarets of the mosque were higher at the early periods than the present time. Sinan Pasha Pavilion located right in front of the main door was demolished by the end of 18th century. The plane tree rises right on this location. The plane tree is enclosed by a guardrail. 4 fountains are located at each corner of this guardrail. These small fountains are used to meet the water requirement and also as wishing well fountain. Sultan Selim III used to perform the salaat in here after the completion of the major repair works. As he was a Mevlevi, Mevlevi coins are available on the guardrail in here.

The courtyard is accessed through two separate gates. Inner courtyard has 13 domes. Only a single dome is located at the tomb section. In front of the final congregation place, a portico is located with six columns and seven domes. The main door built of marble material has an epitaph consisting of 9 verses just above the door. Particularly, cypress and tombs make the surroundings of the historical place of worship even more substantial and noteworthy. Eyüp Sultan Municipality includes this mosque in its official logo.

Eyüp Sultan MosqueEyüp Sultan MosqueEyüp Sultan MosqueEyüp Sultan Mosque


  • Vindo Games
    21.08.2021 21:08

    Maneviyatı çok çok yüksek bir yer.

  • Samet Özdemir
    30.09.2021 19:08

    Ziyaret sonrası güvercinleri beslemeyi unutmayın. :) Bu arada güveç yemeden veya ana kapısı karşısındaki taş fırından alışveriş yapmayı da unutmamak lazım. Elinize sağlık.


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