Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque

Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque

Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque

Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque, located in Beşiktaş district of İstanbul, is accepted as a late Ottoman period building. The mosque, which is located exactly on Cihannüma Quarter, is also part of a social complex. Apart from the mosque, this social complex includes a library, a tomb and a dervish lodge. This social complex, in which the mosque is located in the center, was commissioned by one of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, known as Abdülhamit II. According to the records, the social complex was completed in 1887. The building was dedicated to the Şazeli sect at that time.

The mosque was named after Ertuğrul Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. It is possible to visit Sheikh Zafir Tomb right next to the historical building. As it is known, Sheikh Zafir was a member of the Şazeli sect. Apart from the mosque, guest houses are also made of wood. The architect of Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque is known as one of the famous names of the period, R. D’Aronco.

The building is made of stone and the roof is wooden. It is seen that stone material was used in the minaret section. The framework of the women's gathering-place was built under the guidance of Abdülhamit Han. As is known, he was also a carpenter master. The fountain and tomb in this area are made of white marble. Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque, which stands out with its successful woodwork, is a special example in terms of architecture. The location of the tomb next to the mosque and also at a central point such as Beşiktaş significantly affects the intensity of the visit.

At the beginning of the Republic period, with the closure of the dervish lodges, building ownership transferred to foundations. All parts outside the mosque were converted into a primary school. This school was known as the Poet Nedim Primary School. In this process, the originality of the structures of the lodge deteriorated. Restoration process of Ertuğrul Tekke Mosque was completed recently. This restoration took place with the initiatives of the General Directorate of Foundations and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gül.

Ertuğrul Tekke MosqueErtuğrul Tekke MosqueErtuğrul Tekke MosqueErtuğrul Tekke Mosque


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    17.11.2022 09:12

    Şeyh muhammed zaferi türbesinin bitişiğinde çok güzel mimarisi olan ahşap tarihi camii beşiktaşın curcunasından sıyrılıp huzur bulabilirsiniz.


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