Erenköy Girls High School

Erenköy Girls High School

Erenköy Girls High School

It is possible to encounter schools that challenge history in many quarters of İstanbul. This type of schools, the foundations of which were laid in accordance with the educational understanding of the period, educate successful students today as they used to be. Erenköy Girls High School, which makes a difference with the students educated and its historical building, is also among these important schools. The high school, located in Göztepe, has been serving since 1911. As it is known, Göztepe used to be aquarter of Erenköy district. Therefore the school was named after the district. The school, which often brings its graduates together, has been trying to keep this tradition alive for years. Currently, every Sunday is determined as a special meeting day for graduates.

Erenköy Girls High School was opened under the name of "Kız Numune School" in the first term. Education started directly at Rıdvan Pasha Mansion. Aziz Haydar had made important efforts for the opening process of the school. During the first five years, Abdullah Nasih Efendi took a position in the management of the school. By 1916, this place is turned into a high school. Board of education acquired the mansion from the last owner at that time. At the same time, another mansion was acquired to be used as a dormitory. On February 22, 1945, a big fire broke out here and the school building was almost destroyed. Classes continue for a while in the boarding area protected from fire. Meanwhile, a new construction process begins for the school.

Since 1947, the school was converted into day school. In those years, education continued in more modern buildings. In 1954, this place started to operate as a boarding school again. In 1979, Erenköy Girls' High School also included male students; but this attempt only sustained one season. In 1990, the boarding section was completely closed. Istanbul Anatolian Fine Arts High School was opened here.

Erenköy Girls High SchoolErenköy Girls High SchoolErenköy Girls High SchoolErenköy Girls High School



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