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Enver Pasha Mansion

Enver Pasha Mansion

The construction date of the historical Enver Pasha Mansion, located within the borders of İstanbul, is not known exactly. Despite this, it is estimated that the building was built in the early 1900s. Enver Pasha usually used the mansion in Büyükçekmece district for hunting. In later periods, he resided here with his family for a long time. The three-storey mansion has wooden shutters. There is a pool in the garden of the mansion. The fact that the mansion is overlooking the sea, increases its value even more. This place has been considered as a Society for the Protection of Children for many years. After a comprehensive restoration in 2007, the place continued to serve as Büyükçekmece Children's Culture House. Through this restoration, the mansion is positioned in city life after a century.

Enver Pasha, after whom the mansion was named, was a person who has been very influential especially in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. Enver Pasha, who died in 1922, was assigned to Salonika after graduating from the War Academy. This valuable name, who was also involved in the revolutionary movements in Macedonia, used to be known as the "Hero of Freedom" after the Second Constitutional Era.

Enver Pasha Mansion, considered as one of the most important historical values ​​of the district, had gone through fire two times in 2005. Both fires caused serious damages. The wooden floors except the ground floor were largely burned in these fires. It was restorated to remove the destruction caused by the fire. The ceiling, roof and stairs were repaired considering the original structure. This successful restoration was performed by the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration. The money allocated for the restoration was around 430 thousand at that period. In the years of the construction of Enver Pasha Mansion, black wooden houses used to be popular. The mansion is located exactly on Dızıroğlu Quarter which reflects the spirit of the period ir was constructed.

Enver Pasha MansionEnver Pasha MansionEnver Pasha Mansion


  • cemmelih
    28.09.2022 09:30

    Büyükçekmece’deki tarihi Enver Paşa Köşkü, 1900’lü yılların başında yapıldığı tahmin edilen tarihi Enver Paşa Köşkü, 2005 yılında 2 büyük yangın geçirdi. Ama şuan çok güzel bir şekilde ayakta.


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