Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)

Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)

Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)

In order to go to Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees, which is one of the popular places in İstanbul, you need to get off at Çınaraltı stop in Emirgan region. The famous plane tree that gave its name to the region are three centuries-old. It is very peaceful to rest in the shadow of the great plane tree that welcomes its visitors with all its glory. The historical tea garden of Çınaraltı has also been in service since 1854. Despite the modern cafes around it, it manages to survive for years with its unique style and spirit.

Çınaraltı is considered as a true academy in the 1950s. Very important writers and poets of that period dwelled in here. The most intense artistic and political discussions took place in this special environment. Masters such as Behçet Kemal, Yahya Kemal and Faruk Nafiz were among these people. It is seen as a place of inspiration for poets in a sense. Tuesdays and Fridays were determined as the days for the writers to gather. As a result of these special meetings, even a literary magazine named “Çınaraltı” is published. Today, Çınaraltı stands out with its historical and cultural heritage. You can visit the historical Çınaraltı for a nice, peaceful breakfast. You may come across this place immediately while going up to Emirgan Grove.

The fact that it is located next to very important historical mosques adds a distinct value to this place in terms of culture. Hamid-i Evvel Mosque, commissioned by Abdülhamit I, stands out among these. After a stroll through the historical places of worship, you can relax in Çınaraltı and enjoy the fresh air. In a metropolis like İstanbul, you should discover Monumental Plane Trees, which is one of the rare places where you can get away from the noise and crowd of the city. You can easily come here by taking the Taksim-Sarıyer municipal buses.

Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)Emirgan Monumental Plane Trees (Çınaraltı)


  • ssedatylmz
    13.01.2023 07:32

    Lokasyon olarak harika bir yerde,manzarası çok hoş.Genişçe bir alanda yer alıyor ve boğaza sıfır.Tarihi çınarın altında çayınızı kahvenizi yudumluyorsunuz

  • guvenylmz
    01.08.2022 06:18

    İstanbul’da dışarıdan yiyecek getirip mekanda kahvaltı yapmanın serbest olduğu mekanlardan biri

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.02.2023 08:20

    Mekan harika bir lokasyonda, manzara gayet güzel ve hemen hemen her masadan ki, hayli yoğun olmasına rağmen erişilebilir gibiydi.


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