Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah

Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah

Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah

Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah, situated in the historical Vefa quarter of İstanbul, is located just above Eski Kovacılar Street. It is literally right across the Molla Hüsrev Mosque. The builder of the mosque is Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha as far as it is known. He had been the head of provincial treasury for a long time. When he died in 1618, he was buried in the tomb next to the madrasah. There are also nine sarcophagi in this tomb. The scouting reports prepared at that time are availed for obtaining historical information about the madrasah. It was occupied by some people who lost their homes after a fire in 1918. After this occupation, it did not go through any restoration for a long time.

Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah hosted homeless people for some time. Finally, in 1963, the Foundations Administration took the initiative and initiated the evacuation procedures. Cahide Tamer, the architect, undertakes the repair works of this place in 1966. This repair takes two years in total. Nuri Bey Mansion, located next to the madrasah, was also demolished at that time. The building of Society for Dissemination of Knowledge is constructed in the area of said place. The building also became an outbuilding of the madrasah. Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah has a rectangular plan. Nineteen marble columns in total serve as carrying the arches of the portico. These stylish columns with baklava heads are located in the courtyard section. The upper parts of the porticos are domed. There is a classroom in the south of the courtyard. This section is illuminated comfortably through two rows of windows.

Apart from the tomb part of Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah, there is also a burial area full of gravetones. The burial area is unfortunately very neglected. Even recently, an illegal building has been built here. There is a wonderful fountain at the intersection point of the burial area wall and the tomb. 

Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha MadrasahEkmekcizade Ahmet Pasha MadrasahEkmekcizade Ahmet Pasha MadrasahEkmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasah


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    Kendimi muhteşem yüzyıl setinde zannettim 😂😅


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