Ebussuud Efendi Tomb

Ebussuud Efendi Tomb

Ebussuud Efendi Tomb

Ebussuud Mehmet Efendi was a very valuable person who lived between 1490 and 1574. He was also one of the valuable names in the field of exegetics. He wrote a total of 22 tract during his lifetime. He had works on some important subjects, especially on Islamic law. He attained his real reputation during the time of Süleyman the Magnificent. Before Ebussuud Mehmet Efendi died, he wanted to be buried next to Eyüp Sultan His Holiness. His tomb is in the garden of Daru'l Hadith today. There is some information about the tomb on a yellow guiding sign. Ebussuud Mehmet Efendi was the 13th shaykh al-islam of the Ottoman Empire. Since it is a highly valued name, its sarcophagus is visited by local tourists throughout the year.

Ebussuud Mehmet Efendi, who died within the boundaries of Istanbul on 23 August 1574, is also referred to as "Hoca Çelebi" in some sources. His works are written in Turkish, Persian and Arabic. His most well-known work is the Arabic interpretation of the Qur'an. The valuable person who was born in Çorum İskilip is also known as the grandson of Ali Kuşçu. He was assigned to this city for a term as a judge. Ebussuud Mehmet Efendi is also known as a poet. He has been effective in keeping the scholarly class strong for a long time. You have to go to Ebussuud Haziresi in order to visit the tomb of this valuable person who was engraved in mind with the fatwas he gave on behalf of the Kızılbaş people.

Next to the tomb is a madrasah that he personally built. Eyyüb Mosque is also located opposite the tomb. When you visit this area, you will also have the opportunity to visit the above mentioned historical places. The tomb largely preserves its original structure. To visit the Ebussuud Mehmet Efendi Tomb, which has a repair inscription, you need to go towards Eyüp district in Istanbul. You may go to the tomb by availing the public transportation options such as bus, minibus and metrobus.

Ebussuud Efendi TombEbussuud Efendi TombEbussuud Efendi Tomb


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