Defterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) Mosque

Defterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) Mosque

Defterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) Mosque

Defterdar Tahir Efendi Mosque, located on the Harem coast in Üsküdar, was built by Mehmet Tahir Efendi, after whom it was named. According to a grapevine, there was a prayer room in the place of the mosque in 1710 and the prayer room, which was destroyed over time, was demolished and this huge mosque was built in its place. The mosque, which was completed in 1826, continues to open its doors to its visitors and invite them to spiritual peace ever since. The mosque, which completed its first repair work in 1898, was able to recover from the damage it received. The historical building, which has an architecture consisting of many periods, contains numerous beauties.

As soon as you enter the door, a wonderful calligraphy welcomes you. The mosque, which includes many religious apothegm, has a large area that allows its visitors to act as they wish. The Defterdar Tahir Efendi Mosque, which was expanded further with the repair work carried out over time, preserved its originality and renewed itself in this way without compromising its first-day beauty. The six-armed star shape of the wooden ceiling is also known as one of the only features that add beauty to the historical building and make it unique. Tahir Efendi gave life to these works in the mosque, which has many inscriptions in history.

At the same time, tughra of Mahmut II is also a work of Tahir Efendi. Defterdar Tahir Efendi Mosque, which had a fountain in its time, has unfortunately lost this beauty over the years. The architecture of this fountain, which disappeared over time, draws attention to the classical period. In addition, there is another fountain inside the mosque, whether it is for sightseeing or worship, the mosque opens its doors to everyone and anyone can come and visit as they wish. The easy transportation in Üsküdar also makes the historical building indispensable.

Defterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) MosqueDefterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) MosqueDefterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) MosqueDefterdar Tahir Efendi (Harem) Mosque


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