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Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque

Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque

Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque, located in Eyüp, which is one of the districts of İstanbul famous for its spiritual values, is situated in Nişanca. The construction was planned by Nazlı Mahmut Efendi, head of provincial treasury who lived in the period of Süleyman the Magnificent, and was entrusted to an architect best in his field. The opening of the Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque dates back to 1541 and has been in existence since those days. The current location of the mosque is in the western part of the Golden Horn Bridge on Eyüp's coastal road. You will feel peace with this structure, which is very comfortable and convenient in terms of transportation. The mosque has been worked on for exactly 12 years to get its current form, so on average, we can say between 1537-1549.

Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque, built by our esteemed artist Mimar Sinan, has a very large area and has been narrowed over time due to the necessary work. The historical buildings with two inscriptions on the door provide information in Arabic and Persian languages. The mosque, which is decorated with green nature, is still in demand today and opens its doors to many local and foreign visitors. It manages to impress with its minaret, grips and countless architectural wonders. The mosque, built of neat face stone, has a single dome and was repaired again after it was damaged over time.

Especially the earthquake that took place in 1768 damaged the mosque greatly and these damages were recovered with the restorations that were made in accordance with the original form. Actually, there is not a single work of Mimar Sinan that is still unspoken...Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque is one of them. While there are inkwell and dip pen in the mosque, it was broken by the storm in 1997 and a new one was replaced on 30 May 2007. 

Defterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi MosqueDefterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi MosqueDefterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi MosqueDefterdar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque


  • Sinan Babacan
    28.08.2021 20:30

    Birkaç defa namaz kılmayı nasip oldu. Huzur veren bir mekan

  • Kerim AZ
    25.08.2021 21:11

    Hoş görünüyor


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