Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall

Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall

Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall

A great sports hall awaits team fans who are interested in sportive activities or want to participate as spectators in Maslak, one of the busiest districts of Istanbul. Through Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall, you can support your favorite team and stand next to them. As can be understood from the name of the sports complex, it is a hall belonging to Darüşşafaka institution. The sports hall, the opening date of which is known as 1995, has a capacity of 3000 people. The sports hall, which offers maximum service to its visitors with its 350-vehicle capacity car park, is not only for sportive activities, but also includes many artistic and cultural activities.

Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall, located in Darüşşafaka High School, has managed to win recognition from users with the service it offers to its students. Students can benefit from all services of the hall free of charge. Galatasaray, Efes Pilsen and Fenerbahçe EuroLeague matches also meet with their fans in this hall at certain intervals. You can reach the sports hall on Büyükdere Street in Derbent quarter. Since it is easily accessible, you can go there by either using the public transportation or by your private vehicle.

Any activity you seek for such as sportive activities, arts and cultural activities awaits you here. This institution, which offers its visitors the opportunity to have a pleasant time with its large capacity, has managed to become a brand with the name of Darüşşafaka. Since the spectator fees in basketball, swimming and other sports activities are not excessivet, they host a large number of users every period. This situation, which appeals to individuals with numerous events since 1995, was commissioned by Ayhan Şahenk the businessman, after whom the hall was named. Ayhan Şahenk, who affiliated such initiatives with a foundation he established, passed away in 2001. Even today, Şahenk who made an indelible impression, continues its services with the numerous institutions.

Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports HallDarüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports HallDarüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports HallDarüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall


  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 17:39

    Bu tarz kompakt salonları seviyorum.. Seyirci ve takim arasında daha iyi ilişki kuruluyor

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:54

    Ayhan Şahenk yıllardır türk basketboluna hizmet etmiş bir tesis.Ulasim kolaylığı ve salonun küçük olması seyirciyi daha heyecanlı yapıyor.İcerde Dacka store bulunuyor.Fiyatlar makuldur.


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