Darülaceze (Almshouse)

Darülaceze (Almshouse)

Darülaceze (Almshouse)

Darülaceze, which was commissioned by Abdülhamit II in 1895, carries out its activities in Okmeydanı. The institution built in an area of ​​27 thousand square meters is an institution that meets the needs of the elderly, those in need of care, orphans or abandoned children between the ages of 0 and 6. The construction of Darülaceze, which was brought to life with the imperial order of Abdülhamit II, started on April 6, 1890 and was put into effect on April 11, 1890 through an official notification. The institution was inaugurated on January 31, 1986 and it was put into service. Affiliated with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Darülaceze provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and opens its doors to visitors both on special occasions and on certain days.

Darülaceze, assists individuals applying for the institution and in need of assistance, regardless of religion, language, race or gender without making any discrimination. There is also a polyclinic building for elderly people with health problems in Darülaceze. The institution, which has approximately 30 decares of residential areas, has a kindergarten, mosque, the needy flat, bakery, Turkish bath and even a barber shop. In other words, all kinds of establishment you might require in your daily life, exist here. Since Darülaceze institution carries out its activities in Okmeydanı, transportation is very easy and it is an advantage for visitors.

The purpose of the organization and the call for help was planned in the 1890s in order to serve homeless elderly people and children living on the Street. And besides these, accommodating beggars was also ensured after the the necessary investigations were carried out. If they refused to come to the institution and carried on begging, they were punished with imprisonment. With its success and countless favors from the past to the present, Darülaceze manages to satisfy those who are in need with its service and quality increased every year. 

Darülaceze (Almshouse)Darülaceze (Almshouse)Darülaceze (Almshouse)



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