Republic Fountain

Republic Fountain

Republic Fountain

The historical fountains built both in the Ottoman period and the period of the Republic of Turkey have a very important place in today's cultural world. Even if the water does not flow, the architectural details and carefully preserved texture of the fountains arouse great interest. It is possible to encounter these highly aesthetic, extremely impressive fountains in Istanbul, especially in certain districts. One of the fountains that has survived until today is the Republic Fountain.

The Republic Fountain, which is a fountain as beautiful as its name, is also known as the Ayakapı Fountain in some sources. The main reason for this is that Ayakapı is located right next to the entrance of the city wall. Even if the information about Çeşme is not sufficient, it is pleasing that it has survived until today without being damaged. The epitaph of the historical fountain is located right above it, and what is written here is still clearly legible. According to this information, the fountain was built in 1923. Such a name is considered appropriate because it is exactly the year the Republic was declared.

The fountain, which is located on Abdülezel Paşa Street, is a little behind the road. Although some parts of the old stones were used, it is seen that marble was used to a great extent. The arch carried by the two pillars is a bit out of the classical style. Although the mirror stone, which has survived to this day, is quite large, it has a plain appearance. A sun motif in the shape of a blank stands out in the boat section.

It is seen that the number 1341 was written according to the Rumi calendar on the belt. Its inscription is written in old script and consists of a single line. The reason why it was written in the old script is that the Latin letters were used in 1928. If you start walking towards Fener through Cibali, you will encounter Ayakapı and therefore Cumhuriyet Fountain. To go to the region, you can use buses such as 41Y, 55T or M2 metro.

Republic FountainRepublic FountainRepublic Fountain


  • muratball
    17.11.2022 07:47

    “Cumhuriyetin ilan edildiği 1923 yılında yaptırılan çeşme duvara bitişik olarak yapılmıştır. Cephenin iki köşesine birer silindir sütun yerleştirilmiştir. Kilit taşına tarih yazılmıştır, basık kemer kabartmalı konsollara oturmaktadır.


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