Çilingoz Beach

Çilingoz Beach

Çilingoz Beach

Çilingoz Beach, which will be good destination option in terms of sea love due to blistering summer months and hot weather, has become a frequent stop for those who would like to enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun together. This beach, which is 60-80 kilometers away from Çatalca, continues to be in demand in the summer months. Those who swim in Çilingoz Beach, which is very wavy and has a high current level, should pay attention to these criteria. Apart from that, you can enjoy the cool waters and meet your sun requirements on the beach while spending a pleasant time. You can swim in the summer and in some cases even in the first months of autumn, as well as have a picnic.

We would request you to pay attention while having a picnic in terms of removing wastes because most visitors neglect it and cause environmental pollution. If you live in Istanbul or in the surrounding provinces and are planning a short getaway for a day or two, Çilingoz Beach will be a good choice for you. Offering separate areas for nature and nature trips, the beach has become a frequent destination not only for those who are willing to swim but also for those who would like to enjoy a fully safe holiday.

Those who wish to escape from the noise of the city can even camp here, and if the idea of ​​swimming in the daytime and camping by the sea in the evening attracts you, then the only thing you need to do may be to set out for the beach immediately. If you start making a holiday program as soon as your children's schools are closed, especially in the summer months, do not forget to add Çilingoz Beach to your holiday plan this year. You will be greeted by two different views both in the morning and in the evening in the nature park, where you can enjoy many interesting activities. If those who are willing to go to Çilingoz Beach away from the crowd, the ideal time for them will be May and June; during this period, you can both swim comfortably and enjoy the sun and nature.

Çilingoz BeachÇilingoz BeachÇilingoz BeachÇilingoz Beach


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    23.12.2022 11:34

    1 gece kamp yaptık. Mükemmel bi yer. Kamp alanı temiz ihtiyacımız olan her şeyi temin edebildik.


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