Flower Passage

Flower Passage

Flower Passage

Çiçek Pasajı was built in 1876 on the land of the Naum Theater, which was destroyed during the Great Beyoğlu Fire in 1870. The passage took its name from both Istiklal Street and Theater Street. After the fire, the land was bought by Hristaki Zografos Efendi, one of the few wealthy people of the time, and a structure consisting of 24 shops and 18 luxury flats was built on it. It was called the Cité de Péra or Hristaki Passage at that time. The ownership of the building changed hands in 1908 and the new owner was Grand Vizier Küçük Said Pasha.

During the armistice period, many flower shops were opened and thus the passage began to be known as the "Çiçek Pasajı", which is now known as the "Flower Passage". As taverns began to replace the flower shops that had been closed in the passage in the 1940s, it began to attract more customers. In order to meet the increasing customer potential over time, the name Çiçek Pasajı, which has started to contain all taverns and eating places, has turned into a form that has remained as a memory. No maintenance or restoration was carried out until 1988, when the arcade building suddenly collapsed for no reason in 1978 due to neglect. Later, as a result of the works carried out with the municipality and the "Çiçek Pasajı Beautification and Sustenance Association", the restoration and construction works were carried out by adhering to the old structure, and it was put into service again in 2005.

The building, which has 3 floors with the entrance, is located on a very large area. The main material of the building is stone, its façade is quite spectacular and it has so many interesting features with the lion and human head sculptures on the middle floor. There is one hour in the middle part of the top floor, which is located in the part of the passage facing İstiklal Street. All numerals of the watch are made up of Roman numerals and are currently not working.

Flower PassageFlower PassageFlower Passage


  • farukkorkmaz
    18.01.2023 08:07

    Çok tarihi ve güzel bir mekan, sizi zamanda yolculuk hissine sokuyor. Nostaji gözlerinizde canlanıyor.

  • melekbakan
    18.04.2022 11:20

    Kokusu ayrı, ortamı ayrı en en en güzeli de mimarisi ve minik seslerin kuşağa güzel gelmesi 😍

  • beyzakorkmazzx
    01.08.2022 07:23

    İstiklal'de müsait zamanlarımı geçirdiğim nostaljik mekanlardan biri. Yemek ve içecek hizmetleri bulunduğu konuma göre fena değil


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