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Cevri Kalfa Mosque

Cevri Kalfa Mosque

Depending on the Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Dr. Cevri Kalfa Mosque, located on Fahri Atabey Street, has a square plan, although it is completely covered with cut stone. The mosque, which attracts attention with its deaf dome resting on four arches, has high and large windows on all three facades. Cevri Kalfa Mosque, whose world is made of stone, has no inscription anywhere. This historical mosque, which makes a difference with its shaped cone, was restored in 1884 and gained its present appearance.

The Cevri Kalfa Mosque, which has a single minaret and a single balcony, is also known as the Nuhkuyusu Mosque. There was a Bektashi lodge in the 1770s in the area where Cevri Kalfa Mosque is located. It is thought that this mosque was built instead of the lodge, which was demolished in 1826. Although the witnesses have disappeared, the face of Cevri Kalfa Mosque covered with cut stone, where two twelve-sliced ​​Bektashi coins still look like the first day, is definitely worth photographing.

Cevri Kalfa Mosque, whose pulpit is wooden, also has a small burial ground. The oldest stone of the burial belongs to Şey İsmail Efendi. The small burial ground in front of the mosque's mihrab and two twelve-sliced ​​Bektashi coins are definitely worth seeing. Cevri Kalfa Mosque was built after the Bektashi lodge, which was thought to be founded in 1770, was destroyed. Other important places nearby are Şeyhülislam Arif Hikmet Bey Fountain and Fountain, Kartal Baba Mosque, Alaca Minare Fountain, Zeynep Hanım and Kamil Paşa Tomb, Alacaminare Lodge, Çavuşbaşı Sıbyan School, Hacı Ahmet Paşa Fountain, Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque and Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque Water Is Kuyusu.

Cevri Kalfa MosqueCevri Kalfa MosqueCevri Kalfa MosqueCevri Kalfa Mosque



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