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Cemberlitas Bath

Cemberlitas Bath

Cemberlitas Bath, which is shown among the historical baths of Istanbul, is located on the famous Divan Road. This road is known as the Road of Emperors. Divan Road, which is closed to vehicle traffic, is used in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. In the Ottoman Empire, this way is given great importance in terms of state protocol. The location of Çemberlitaş Bath on such a precious street makes this place even more valuable. The bathhouse is also close to the monument created during the reign of Constantine I. In the opposite part of the bath, there are some building groups except Köprülü Mehmed Pasha Mosque. Among these structures, the tomb, madrasah, burial and library can be listed as priority. Therefore, it can be said that it has a social complex.

Çemberlitaş Bath is built as a result of Nurbanu Sultan's efforts. At that time, it was aimed to generate an economic income for a complex located in Üsküdar district. As it is known, Nurbanu Sultan III. He is Murad's mother. According to the information written in the original inscription, Çemberlitaş Bath was built in 1584. It is seen that the bath is also the work of Mimar Sinan. One of the most important features of this place is that it has the status of a double bath. Its sections are designed as adjacent to each other.

Facing towards Vezir Inn, Çemberlitaş Bath remains in a relatively hollow due to the change in the elevation of the road. For this reason, the entrance to the bath is made by descending the stairs. There is a large fringe on the men's section. Its six-line inscription is located above this door. Women section is entered from the section where Sultan Mahmut Tomb is located. The historical Çemberlitaş Bath stands in a very unique place in the architecture of the bath with its special plan and interior decorations in the hot sections. The new houses and shops built around it and the fact that the women's section was not used properly caused the bath to lose its importance over time.

Cemberlitas BathCemberlitas BathCemberlitas BathCemberlitas Bath



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