Executioner's Tombs

Executioner's Tombs

Executioner's Tombs

While the graves of the executioners, who were buried secretly in ancient times and with an unnamed stone on their heads, were two, only a few tombstones have survived from the past to the present. Of course, soldiers, judges, officials, viziers, grand viziers in Ottoman cemeteries, where the most beautiful examples of stonework are; In short, people who were attributed as important of the period were buried. In the places where the executioners who took the lives of people were buried, flat, unwritten and rectangular tombstones were placed.

Although there are few information that the executions took place in the Fountain of Executioners in the garden of Topkapı Palace, nothing is known about this situation. During the Ottoman period, executioners were buried secretly without being taken to normal cemeteries. Tombstones, for which no information such as name and date were written, had no distinctive features in terms of workmanship. The main reason for the absence of distinctive marks on the gravestones was to prevent the relatives of the deceased executioners from coming and destroying the graves.

There is so little left of the executioner's graves, where one is Pier Loti and the other is in the Eyüp Sultan Cemetery, that there are those who even claim that it was completely destroyed. There are also opinions that many of them are caught in the new tombs. It is an undeniable fact that the idea of ​​taking the executioner's graves under protection as soon as possible has spread day by day. The last few graves in a quiet corner of Eyüp Sultan Cemetery must be taken under protection as soon as possible.

Executioner's TombsExecutioner's TombsExecutioner's TombsExecutioner's Tombs


  • acelyaabasar
    27.09.2022 12:23

    Eyüp Sultan mezarliginin üst tarafında pierre lotti civarında.Pierre lottiye çay içmeye giderseniz ziyaret edebilirsiniz.mezarliktan ayrı evlerin hemen yanında küçük bir alan.


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