Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa

Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa

Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa

Although it serves under the name of "Istanbul Handicrafts Bazaar" today, this historical building, known as Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa for centuries, dates back to the 18th century. This building, also known as Cedit Mehmet Ağa Madrasa, is located at the intersection of Istanbul - Suriçi Fatih Mimar Mehmet Ağa Street and Sultanahmet Kabasakal Avenue.

Unfortunately, there are not many sources about the historical background of the Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa, which does not have an inscription. It is estimated that this person built the madrasah, whose patron was thought to be Cedit Mehmet Efendi. Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasah, which started education before the construction was completed, consisted of three classes at that time, but had a total of 30 students. In the building, where the number of cells in total is 12, there is a gusul room, ablution room, laundry, fountain, classroom, needy-i tathir, kufi vüsat. Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasah, which can serve around 12 students at the same time, is the property of Istanbul Head Directorate of Foundations.

Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa, which was allocated to this institution for ten years according to the agreement made with the Turkish Touring and Automobile Association on April 4, 1984, underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1987. There are nine columns in the courtyard surrounded by a pointed arch of the Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa, which can be accessed from the shops side by side on Kabasakal Street today. There are more than 12 domed madrasah cells in the Cedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa, where there is an unknown tomb as well as a well and water reservoir. The madrasah, whose rooms are square planned, hosts its visitors as the Istanbul Handicrafts Bazaar, which reflects the Ottoman culture to the finest details.

Cedid Mehmet Efendi MadrasaCedid Mehmet Efendi MadrasaCedid Mehmet Efendi Madrasa


  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 13:15

    buraya bayılıyorum! Neyseki biraz sotede kalıyor da her daim dingin..

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 14:10

    Damla sakızlı kahvesini tavsiye ederim. Hem çok sessiz hem de tarihi bir mekan. Kahvenizi yudumlarken hat, çini v.s. ile uğraşanları izleyebilirsiniz


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