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Catalca Georgios Church

Catalca Georgios Church

Çatalca is one of the most ideal addresses for Istanbul residents, especially for daily holiday getaways. In addition to being away from the city center, having a peaceful atmosphere also makes this district special. Çatalca is at the forefront with its historical places as well as its natural beauties. Artifacts from the Ottoman, Byzantine or Roman periods are welcomed by local and foreign visitors. You can come across structures such as mosques, madrasas, churches and follow the traces of the historical heritage here. One of the historical places that should be seen in Çatalca is Georgios Church.

The fact that this particular church is close to Evcik Beach, one of Çatalca's famous beaches, strengthens the possibility of being discovered. According to the information provided, it is thought that the church was built in the 9th or 10th centuries. It is determined that some stones were brought from the Anastasius Walls during the last repair of the Georgios Church. It is worth visiting Çatalca to cool off on Evcik Beach and discover the architectural details of the Georgios Church! Situated in the region where the Anastasias Walls and the Black Sea intersect, in a place that can easily see the sea, the building has survived to this day without any problems. When the ruins of today are examined, the ideas that this place may be a monastery come to the fore.

Çatalca Georgios Church is centrally planned. It is also domed and has a brick arch door. The building, which has a window on both sides, is unfortunately negatively affected by illicit diggings that have been going on for years. Despite all the precautions in these illegal excavations, the dome section collapses to a great extent. The building, on the other hand, is devastated in general. Georgios Church, which is among the most important historical buildings of Çatalca, attracts more attention in the spring and summer months due to its proximity to the beach.

Catalca Georgios ChurchCatalca Georgios ChurchCatalca Georgios ChurchCatalca Georgios Church



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