Cağaloğlu Turkish Bath

Cağaloğlu Turkish Bath

Cağaloğlu Turkish Bath

Cağaloğlu Hamam, one of the biggest double baths in Istanbul, is far from the typical Ottoman architecture. Unlike traditional Ottoman baths, the cold and hot sections have an interesting structure. The historical bath, which has been serving for more than 300 years, attracts the attention of foreign tourists who visit the city. As of today, the Turkish bath, steam bath and Turkish massage, has a cafe & bar section.

The presence of both male and female sections of the Cağaloğlu Bath, which was built during the reign of Mahmut I, enabled it to gain the status of a double bath. In the first place, the purpose of establishment was to provide income for the library inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque. In Cağaloğlu Bath, which stands out as the largest bazaar bath in Istanbul, the transition between the cold and hot sections of the men's section is designed differently. The hot room is covered with a large dome placed on arches connected by eight marble columns.

Cağaloğlu Bath, which exhibits a different architectural style in terms of its general lines, is covered with buildings, with the glazing section of the bathhouse measuring 14 x 14 meters. Cağaloğlu Hamam, which was planned by Süleyman Ağa and built by Abdullah Ağa, welcomes visitors between nine in the morning, twelve and a half in the noon and between one and five in the evening.

Cağaloğlu Bath, which is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year, has the title of being the last large bathhouse built in the Ottoman period. The café-bar part of the Cağaloğlu Bath, which carries the traces of the real Turkish culture and is one of the remarkable cultural heritages of the city, is highly developed today and provides a post-modern experience to the tourists.

Cağaloğlu Turkish BathCağaloğlu Turkish BathCağaloğlu Turkish BathCağaloğlu Turkish Bath


  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 12:49

    Cağaloğlu Hamamı İstanbul'un en büyük çifte hamamlarındandır.


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