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Caferaga Madrasa

Caferaga Madrasa

Established in the 7th century BC, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, stretching along the Bosphorus between Asia and Europe... The ancient history of the megacity, which is divided into two by the natural harbor Golden Horn, is especially impressive with buildings in Fatih district on the European side.

Caferaga Madrasa is one of the works of Mimar Sinan, the famous Ottoman Chief Architect of Istanbul, a city with seven hills that smells history on all sides... The madrasa, neighboring the Topkapi Palace and built by Mehmed the Conqueror who is also known as Mehmed II, is in a narrow street adjacent to the courtyard wall of the palace famous for its elegance.

If we look at it compared to today, the concept of the madrasa was understood as a university in the Ottoman Empire and courses mainly on theology are taught. Completed in 1559 by Mimar Sinan, who is also known as the architect of the Selimiye and Suleymaniye social complexes and is still taught as a subject of lessons in architectural literature today, the Caferaga Madrasa is considered one of the most important madrasahs of its period.

Today, the Caferaga Madrasa, which is a frequent destination for those who want to take a break while visiting Topkapi Palace and its surrounding historical heritage, is among the most visited touristic places in Istanbul with its cafe in the old courtyard, which also includes the bust of Mimar Sinan.

The courtyard of the old madrasa is surrounded by the shops of various craftsmen... The madrasa also attracts visitors with authentic shopping points in its courtyard, where many different crafts are handled, from carpet weaving to serigraphy, from ceramics to wood painting. The Caferaga Madrasa has a mystical atmosphere as it is in the rooms where students who were educated hundreds of years ago were accommodated.

Caferaga MadrasaCaferaga MadrasaCaferaga MadrasaCaferaga Madrasa



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