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Tent Kiosk

Tent Kiosk

The tent pavilion, which has a gigantic beauty in Yıldız Park, which is located in Beşiktaş, one of the favorite districts of Istanbul, was completed and put into service in 1871. The mansion, which was started to be built in 1865, bears the traces of Ottoman architecture. The mansion, located on the left side of Yıldız Park, opposite the Çırağan Palace, continues to host many visitors every period. Built in a grove inside the Çırağan Palace, the Tent Mansion was put into service by Sarkis Balyan and his brothers during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, with the completion of the garden decor. With the addition of some parts of the Çırağan Palace to the Çadır Kiosk, today it continues to offer a visual feast and impress those who see it. The Çadır Kiosk, which also contains the deep traces of history, is also known as the place where Mithat Pasha and his friends were judged for a period.

Following the occurrence of such events, the mansion was closed to tour and only the harem section was left open for use. After it was transferred to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1940, repair work started and it was converted into a pastry shop. Çadır Kiosk, which has been subjected to various changes until 1997, has been serving its visitors under the auspices of Beltur since January 1, 1997. Çadır Köşk, which hosts various celebrations and events, was built using cut stone. The architectural wonder, which is dominated by red and white colors, fascinates those who see it with its simple appearance.

The Çadır Köşk, which is considered to have 2 floors with its basement, has a high ceiling and a rectangular form. The historical building, which also has a small terrace, attracts a great deal of attention from the users, especially the evening view. Above the basement floor there are three rooms, a hall and a large hall, and in the basement there are two rooms, a hall and a hall.

Tent KioskTent KioskTent Kiosk



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