Büyükçekmece Beach

Büyükçekmece Beach

Büyükçekmece Beach

Büyükçekmece beach, which has been of great importance since the 7th century BC, was the most important region of Büyükçekmece formerly named Atirus in the Byzantine Period. Büyükçekmece beach, which has one of the most preferred walking track of Istanbul today, also won recognition by its road structure divided by special lanes for bicycle use.

Gürpınar, Mimarsinan and Albatros neighborhoods are located within the borders of Büyükçekmece coastline, where various events are also organized throughout the year. Büyükçekmece beach, which has become one of the most popular summer resorts in Istanbul, is also one of the most easily accessible beaches in İstanbul due to its central location and historical tram line. The coastline, consisting of two parts such as stone beach and sand beach, also houses green areas.

Büyükçekmece beach, having sections such as park and recreation areas, also houses sections where picnics and entertaining activities can be organized. Büyükçekmece beach, where the “Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival” takes place once a year, is especially crowded in the summer months. In addition to all these, Büyükçekmece beach, where free public concerts are organized, is the center of attention not only for the residents of İstanbul but also for local and foreign tourists visiting the city, as it hosts various cultural events during the festival.

Büyükçekmece beach, where renovation and maintenance works are carried out from time to time, is getting expanded both in capacity and service area by being included in the cordon projects. Büyükçekmece beach, one of the most beautiful coasts of the Marmara Sea, suitable for swimming, is always well-maintained through the meticulous work of Büyükçekmece Municipality. 

Büyükçekmece BeachBüyükçekmece BeachBüyükçekmece BeachBüyükçekmece Beach


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