Bulgurlu Turkish Bath

Bulgurlu Turkish Bath

Bulgurlu Turkish Bath

The historical Bulgurlu Turkish Bath on Bulgurlu Street, located within the borders of Üsküdar district of İstanbul, has a very central location in Kısıklı. The four line of poetry inscription of the bath, which was built by the mystic Sheikh Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Efendi dating back to 1618, is as follows:

Pâk olur ecsâm aruk olur kulûb   

Görse bu üslûbu bir ehl-i nazar

Didi tarihin kişi hammam-ı hûbath

There is one room on both sides of the entrance door of Bulgurlu Turkish Bath, which is entered through a corridor from the street and differentiated from the typical Ottoman baths in terms of architectural aspect. In addition to the window part that can be reached by stairs, the trellis at the bottom left corner is definitely worth seeing.

The most striking parts of Bulgurlu Turkish Bath, which also has dressing rooms, are the wide ceiling made of wood and the wooden column supporting it and the water-tank with a fountain made of monolithic marble. There is also a small dome on each of these private baths in Bulgurlu Turkish Bath, where the bathing area consists of only two rectangled private rooms. The most popular part of the bath, where all of them have eight basins, is the basin where Aziz Mahmud Efendi took bath. The inscription inside the window of Bulgurlu Turkish Bath, the construction of which dates back to 1618, is definitely worth seeing. Bulgurlu Turkish Bath, in the type of a single bath, serves men six days a week and women in the remaining day. Those who come to visit Bulgurlu Turkish Bath can also visit the nearby Bulgurlu Masjid, Bulgurlu Fountain, Bulgurlu Village Fountain, Meleksima Fountain, Çilehane Masjid, Kısıklı Fountain, Fatma Nezire Hanım Fountain and Libadiye Fountain. 

Bulgurlu Turkish BathBulgurlu Turkish BathBulgurlu Turkish Bath



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