Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque

Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque

Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque

Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque, also known as Bulgurlu Mosque, has a very central location on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus. Although the construction date of the mosque on Bulgurlu Street, which is located within the borders of Üsküdar district, is not known clearly, it is estimated that it dates back to the 1630s.

Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque, the pulpit of which was later built by Bayram Pasha the Grand Vizier, has a single minaret balcony and a single minaret and houses the tombs of the people who once served as imams to the mosque. Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul, attracts attention with its magnificent minaret at first sight. There used to be a Byzantine chapel and cemetery in the place of the current mosque which is can be understood from the coffin rest which still exists. 

Although the base of the minaret of Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque is built entirely of face stone, the upper parts are also plastered with cement. Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque, the ceiling with a rectangular plan of which almost dazzles with its large ball oil lamp hanging down, has a square plan in general terms.

The minbar and pulpit of the mosque, with a wooden roof, also has the wooden characteristics. The minbar of the mosque, which was added later in 1636 by Bayram Pasha, who became the grand vizier in February 1636, won recognition with its entire details. Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque, whose builder is Mehmet Ağa from Teberderan (axed soldier class among the Janissaries) according to the information obtained, is qualified as one of the oldest mosques in the city with its history dating back to 1630s. The primary school, located close to the mosque, was built upon the request of Süleyman Ağa, one of the artificers of Sultan Mahmut I.

Bulgurlu Bayrampaşa MosqueBulgurlu Bayrampaşa MosqueBulgurlu Bayrampaşa MosqueBulgurlu Bayrampaşa Mosque



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