Bulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb

Bulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb

Bulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb

Also known as Eyüp Bulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb, is a tomb built as a tribute to Albanian Mustafa Pasha, who had also nicknames such as Çıplak, Yaylak, and Palak. The tomb, which is located in the direction of Eyüp Mosque just to the right of the Princes' Tomb, has an octagonal plan in general terms and was built entirely of cut limestone.

Bulak Mustafa Pasha Mausoleum has eight cut stone arches carrying the segmented dome on the low rim that immediately catch the glimpse. Although the base of the tomb in the pit is not seen due to the high road level, a comprehensive restoration between 1942 and 1944 enabled Bulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb to survive to the present day. These ornaments of the tomb, which won recognition by everyone, have been repaired. The palmette, decorative figure of the sun motifs on the yellow, blue and red background are definitely worth seeing.

Bulak Mustafa Pasha Mausoleum, which does not have an inscription, but gives information about construction and repair through epitaphs, has two repair inscriptions dating to 1633 and 1819. In the tomb, where there are three graves made of marble and belonging to Bulak Mustafa Pasha, his wife and Bekir Bey; there are floral reliefs such as tulip and daffodil. It is possible to say that Bulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb, where the tomb in the middle belongs to Mustafa Pasha, has been restored many times over time, according to the repair inscriptions.

Bulak Mustafa Pasha TombBulak Mustafa Pasha TombBulak Mustafa Pasha Tomb


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