Bayezid Mosque

Bayezid Mosque

Bayezid Mosque

Bayezid Mosque, located next to Beyazıt Square in Istanbul, is one of the prominent religious buildings of the city. In fact, there are structures such as baths, many tombs, madrasahs and fountains around the mosque, which is located in a social complex.

Bayezid Mosque was built by Bayezid II. the successor of the Ottoman Sultan known as Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The building, the construction of which began in 1501, was completed in 1505. Bayezid Mosque, which is considered as an important masterpiece contributing to the development of Turkish architecture and as one of the best examples of classical Ottoman architectural style, is also qualified as the oldest among the great mosques built by the sultans.

The entrance of the mosque is situated in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by 20 ancient columns and decorated with multicolored marble stones on the floor… The mosque, which draws attention by its fountain with a sophisticated design, has a large capacity of visitors with its courtyard that also hosts peddlers today.

Bayezid Mosque, where the central dome with a diameter of 17 meters, smaller domes on both sides and arches divided into four parts leap to the eye as soon as you enter, has a very symmetrical appearance with its square plan.

Bayezid Mosque also fascinates people through its two minarets decorated with geometric patterns, the library that was included in the building in the 18th century, and the magnificent stance it created with the sultan's gathering-place.

Bayezid MosqueBayezid MosqueBayezid MosqueBayezid Mosque


  • muratty
    17.11.2022 10:10

    Beyazıt Camii, İstanbul’un merkezî bir yeri olan beyazıt meydanında, şehrin Bizans devrindeki en büyük meydanı olan Forum Theodosiacum veya Forum Tauri’nin bir köşesinde Sultan II. Bayezid tarafından inşa ettirilmiştir.

  • ssedatylmz
    12.01.2023 12:59

    Tarihi Yarımada’nın merkezinde bulunan Beyazıt Camii, İstanbul’daki tarihi camiler arasında ilk halini korumayı başaran en eski sultan camisidir.


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