Beşiktaş Anatolian High School

Beşiktaş Anatolian High School

Beşiktaş Anatolian High School

The foundation of Beşiktaş Anatolian High School or BAL, which is one of the historical buildings that has survived from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, dates back to 1871. Beşiktaş Anatolian High School, located in Beşiktaş district and one of the oldest high schools of the city, was used as the women's quarters of the Çırağan Palace in the past.

The foreign languages taught in the high school, the principal of which is Mehmet Emin Dörtbudak, can be listed as English, German and French. Deposed on the grounds that he was insane and lived 28 years in prison, Murat V. went through this process in the Beşiktaş Anatolian High School building today. Even today, Murat V.'s room serves as the canteen of Beşiktaş Anatolian High School.

Beşiktaş Anatolian High School, which was turned into a primary school after the caliphate was abolished in 1924, served in the status of a primary school until 1937. Afterwards, Beşiktaş High School, which served as a secondary school between 1940 and 1941, was transformed into a coeducational school high school. The institution, which was named as "Beşiktaş Girls High School" between 1959 and 1960, gained the name of "Beşiktaş High School" during the status of coeducational school high school after 1993-1994.

Beşiktaş Anatolian High School, where the language of instruction is Turkish, English is compulsory and German and French are elective courses, also hosts festivals and sports competitions organized by Beşiktaş Anatolian High School Sports Club. The quota of Beşiktaş Anatolian High School, where concerts are also held during the May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, is limited to 200 students. The historical building, with the unique view of the Bosphorus, takes you on a journey in time with its perfectly decorated ceilings and ornaments.

Beşiktaş Anatolian High SchoolBeşiktaş Anatolian High SchoolBeşiktaş Anatolian High SchoolBeşiktaş Anatolian High School



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