Bereketzade Fountain

Bereketzade Fountain

Bereketzade Fountain

Unfortunately, the original state of the fountain of Bereketzade Mosque, which is qualified as the first mosque built in Galata after the conquest of Istanbul, could not have been preserved until today. However, the fountain that Mehmet Efendi the Head of Provincial Treasury had rebuilt in 1732 in accordance with its original can still be seen.

After the collapse of the Bereketzade Mosque, the fountain and mosque complex, which was rebuilt under the leadership of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the 1990s, has been able to survive to the present day.

The Bereketzade Fountain, which was rebuilt by Mehmet Çevik the Civil Engineer and his team in the 1990s, has a very central location in Galata Kuledibi. In fact, Bereketzade Hacı Ali Bin Hasan was the first to build the Bereketzade Fountain. As the fountain was destroyed over time, it was rebuilt by Mehmet Efendi the Head of Provincial Treasury in 1732, which corresponds to the reign of Sultan Mahmut I.

Bereketzade Fountain, which is known as one of the most beautiful fountains built during the Tulip Era, was built to meet the water requirements of the marketplace in those times. The fountain, which makes an indelible impression on everybody with its decorations, was rearranged in 1804 under the name of the charity of Azm-i Cemal the Treasurer. The person leading this is Bezmialem Valide Sultan.

A soffit was added to the Bereketzade Fountain, which was reconstructed in 1910 under the leadership of the Istanbul Şehri Muhibleri Association and the supervision of Ziya Bey the Head- architect of Foundations. In the 1950s, the fountain was relocated and transported in front of the Galata Tower's semi-circular courtyard ruins facing the Beyoğlu direction.

Bereketzade FountainBereketzade FountainBereketzade Fountain


  • guvenylmz
    18.01.2023 07:04

    Galata Kulesi yakınlarındaki güzel eski Osmanlı çeşmelerimizden birisi.

  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 11:53

    Galata Kulesi’nin bulunduğu meydandaki bu çeşme, Galata Kulesinin ilk dizdarı Bereketzade Hacı Ali bin Hasan’ın “Bereketzade mescidi” diye anılan camiinin yanında iken 1957-1958 yıllarında bugünkü yerine nakledilmiştir.

  • cemmelih
    28.09.2022 07:50

    Çok estetik bir çeşme. Kitabesinin okunuşunu yanına koymaları da çok güzel.


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