Bereketzade Ali Efendi Mosque

Bereketzade Ali Efendi Mosque

Bereketzade Ali Efendi Mosque

The builder of the Bereketzade Mosque, which is qualified as the first mosque built in Beyoğlu after the conquest of Istanbul, is Bereketzade Hacı Ali Bin Hasan, one of the castle warden of Galata Tower.

According to the sources, Bereketzade Mosque also has a madrasah and a fountain, but the madrasah of the mosque has unfortunately not survived until today. Although the original state of the fountain could not be survive, the second fountain got built by Mehmet Efendi, the provincial treasurer in 1732 can be seen even today.

The mosque was rebuilt under the guidance of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality after the approval of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board on the land, which was completely destroyed and converted into a parking lot in the 1940s. According to the inscription written on the door of the mosque, Bereketzade Mosque, which went through a comprehensive restoration in 1825 and 1826, has a very central location in Karaköy Hardware Bazaar. At the same time, the mosque, which was repaired in 1977, won recognition with its magnificent dome and the birdhouse on its outer wall.

The reconstruction of the Bereketzade Mosque, located within the boundaries of the Bereketzade Quarter, took place in the 1990s, and its architectural arrangement and planning were completely in accordance with the original. According to the inscription, the mosque has a secret passage that goes down to the minaret of the mosque and then down to Karaköy (Karaköy old port) that only one person can pass. The mosque differentiates itself with the stunning fountain which was rebuilt in 1732.

Bereketzade Ali Efendi MosqueBereketzade Ali Efendi MosqueBereketzade Ali Efendi Mosque


  • xbegummx
    30.09.2022 07:48

    Bereketzade Cami , Galata’da inşaa edilen ilk cami.. Yıllar içinde bir çok değişim geçirmiş. İç mimarisi sade ve huzurlu ..


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