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Bedrettin Mosque

Bedrettin Mosque

Bedrettin Mosque, also known as Kasımpaşa Bedrettin Mosque, is located within the borders of Bedrettin Quarter of Beyoğlu, one of the most central districts of Istanbul. The mosque, got built by Bedrettin Bey in 1509, is located on Bedrettin Camii Street. Bedrettin Mosque, which was constructed on a plot of exactly 260 square meters, was made entirely of bricks.

The most important characteristics of Bedrettin Mosque, which was built on an area of ​​300 square meters, is that it has a single- minaret balcony. The minaret, which is right next to the mosque, was built in 1878 and still maintains its appearance of the first day. In Bedrettin Mosque, where the minaret with a round body is made of face stone, 200 people can worship at the same time.

Bedrettin Mosque, which has an outbuilding but is not used today, has an imam preacher and is still open to worship and visits. This historical mosque, which is also close to Bedii Gorbon Street, has two inscriptions. The upper part of the mosque, which has masonry walls, is covered with a roof made of wood. The ambo and pulpit of Bedrettin Mosque are also wooden. The minaret, on which the guardrails have iron bars, is made of face stone and almost impresses with its appearance.

After examining the minaret balcony minaret on the buttresses, you can see its facades with windows. Bedrettin Mosque, which has no windows on one side, has four windows on the other side as well as five windows on another side and two windows on the last side. Bedrettin Mosque, which has two separate inscriptions dating back to 1509 and 1499, on two separate doors, was built on the order of Bedrettin Mahmut Reis, one of the sailors during the reign of Beyazıt II. 

Bedrettin MosqueBedrettin MosqueBedrettin Mosque



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