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Bayrampaşa Madrasah

Bayrampaşa Madrasah

Also known as, Haseki Bayrampaşa Madrasah or Bayrampaşa Social Complex is located on Haseki Street within the borders of Suriçi Aksaray Haseki Keçi Hatun Quarter. The madrasah, which was built in 1635 upon the will of the grand vizier Bayram Pasha, is actually situated in a social complex.

This complex, which consists of two different building blocks and differentiates itself from other complexes due to the lack of a mosque, includes a primary school, mausoleum, burial area, dervish lodge, madrasah, public fountain, shops and water fountain. The Bayrampaşa Madrasah built upon the will of Bayrampaşa Sultan, who served as the grand vizier in the reign of Murat IV, is located in the eastern part of the social complex. The courtyard of the social complex through which Haseki Hatun Street passes is quite interesting. Bayrampaşa Madrasah, where its outer courtyard has a door directly towards Haseki Hatun Street, also has 14 madrasah cells with a square plan. In addition, the water reservoir and well in the middle of the courtyard are definitely worth seeing. There are furnaces with fireplaces in some cells of Bayrampaşa Madrasah, where the classroom covered with a dome and water fountains with bath basins in its 14 cells create a feeling of admiration in every visitor. The madrasah, which served 10 students in 1792 and 27 students in 1869, serves as the Bayrampaşa Cultural Association with its current name.

The builder of Bayrampaşa Madrasah in Haseki quarter of Fatih district is Vizier Bayram Pasha. Considered to be a work of Kasım Ağa the Head Architect of Hassa, the social complex carries the traces of classical Ottoman architecture. Limestones were used on the walls of the monumental building of the Bayrampaşa Madrasah, which is similar to the Süleyman Pasha Madrasah in Iznik in general terms. The cells of the social complex, which underwent a renovation in 1865 for the first time, are entered through porches and doors.

Bayrampaşa MadrasahBayrampaşa MadrasahBayrampaşa Madrasah



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