Baroque Fountain

Baroque Fountain

Baroque Fountain

Located at the Murat Reis Neighborhood in Üsküdar District of Istanbul, Baroque Fountain is situated at the external wall of Surp Garabet Armenian Church. The fountain is also known as Surp Garabet Armenian Church Fountain as it is connected to a building featuring to be the oldest Armenian churches in Istanbul. Renovated in 1617 and 1727, and repaired again in 1844, the historical fountain bearing the traces of baroque architecture of the Surp Garabet Armenian Church, has a structure with three oval-shaped facades.

Centrally located on Muradiye Mektebi Street in Yenimahalle and Vasiyet Street, Baroque Fountain is situated near the gate of the church opening to the second street. Due to the absence of any epitaph of the church commissioned to be constructed by Vardapet Kişoğlu Zakarya of Van, the date of construction of the church remains unknown.

The Baroque Fountain within the church complex, registered as first degree urban archeological site on August 4, 1983 and considered to exist even in 1555, has windows enlivened by means of columns and bearing elements which add a distinct atmosphere and mood to the structure. The chapel and baptistery located at the northern section of the Surp Garabet Armenian Church, having the narthex in the rectangular form are definitely must-see structures.

The structure with a single space designed with elegant and stylish iron workmanship and in three stages ensures the building to be distinguished from other Armenian churches. You are welcome to visit the Baroque Fountain of the Surp Garabet Armenian Church constructed by the specialist foremen from Van and Muş on every day and at any time you like.

Baroque FountainBaroque FountainBaroque FountainBaroque Fountain


  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:38

    İstanbul Tarihi Çeşmeler Külliyatı, 3. Cilt’te bu çeşme Selamsız Çeşmesi olarak geçiyor

  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 13:03

    Murat Reis Mahallesindeki Surp Karabet Ermeni Kilisesi'nin dış duvarında bulunmaktadır.

  • kargidanecee
    29.09.2022 11:08

    Eski bir kilisenin arkasında oldukça atıl vaziyette bulunan bir cesmedir üzerindeki işlemeler oldukça güzel. Restore edilmesi gereken çeşmelerden birisidir.


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